Adidas ends cooperation with Iranian Football Association

German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas will not renew its contract with the Iranian Football Association.

"Under the current conditions, the commercial agreement will end as planned in December 2018," said Adidas on Wednesday in Nuremberg.


On Tuesday, Adidas said in a letter to FFI that the company had opted for the move because of renewed US sanctions, so as not to jeopardize its operations in the US, according to Iran-based news agency Isna. The sporting goods manufacturer refused DPA's request for comment.

Adidas has been supplying the association with sports products since December 2017, including for the World Cup in Russia. The company said, "Adidas thanks the Iranian Football Association for its cooperation and wishes it continued success."

American sporting goods manufacturer Nike is amongst the companies that have already ended their cooperation with Iran due to political tensions between Iran and the US. At the beginning of May, the US withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and reinstated sharp sanctions.

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