Dice Kayek Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with itw)

To present her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Ece Ege, the designer for Dice Kayek, explores another artistic voice, that of story-telling, a movie broadcasted during a cocktail happening at the Grand Palais in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. This story of fashion, directed by Marie Schüller, highlights the inspiration behind the collection and gives life to the clothes constructed by the designer. We recognise the signature codes of the designer in a series of short cocktail dresses with clinched waists, rounded hips. Not forgetting the extra details such as embroidered crystals and shards of pearls which are added to technical and structured materials, including satin leather, double silk or neoprene. The shoulders are worked like origami whilst the latest trousers are worn short, baggy and knotted at the side…Black, white and marine blue accentuate the graphic side to the silhouette and highlight the simple and clean elegance of the Dice Kayek collection.

Music from the show

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