Tommy Hilfiger- Fashion show- WOMEN'S collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in New York (with interviews)

Location: Armory Park, ManhattanInspiration: immediate boarding on to the Tommy Hilfiger ship. An impressive stage setting, 40’s/50’s spirit Fabrics: leather, cashmere, wool felt, twill cotton, chiffon, Duchess satin, sequins and embroideryFocus: pea coat, cape, sailor coat reworked with a twist like these collars embroidered with sequins, little top in midnight blue velvet, teddy in satin, transparent dresses matched with their high pants, sailor in leather...Note: Gigi Hadid walks 3 times (including opening and closing the show) and is launching her own line in collaboration with Tommy in September & Music (Jackson 5) that infuses an incredible energyInterviews from Godfrey Deeny & Zoe Rachel. Godfrey Deeny:This is proof that the American dream still exists. He’s a real showman. There aren’t many big shows in New York, there are 2 or 3 and Tommy Hilfiger is part of that small circle. He’s an American success story he’s got the courage to take on a theme every season and that makes him really good. There are elements, I’m not saying couture but almost couture, but it’s a luxury ready to wear, apparently with embroidery made in Venice. He had the intelligence to improve the quality of products and to stop being the Ralph Lauren low range and become a true global brand, to become himself. Zoe Rachel : Unbelievable, that was like watching a show it was a real show. That was theatre, we are on a boat in the middle of Manhattan.He’s an American icon he’s a dear friend, I am a huge fan I love what he does, he’s a wonderful person, and he’s amazing. He’s Tommy, there’s only one Tommy.Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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