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Jean Paul Gaultier - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019 Show in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: jean-paul gaultierinspiration: the deep sea and also japan. jean-paul gaultier lets his imagination run wild whilst reinterpreting his wardrobe, from sailor shirts to corsets using multiple couture details made in his ateliers.collection: the opening models wear sailor shirts. suit jackets have pointed shoulders.everything surrounds pleats which are found on clothing as well as a belt resembling a peplum design and on long, knee high boots.underwired corsets form dresses that look like sculptures.everything is light, with corals and shellfish made from 3d fabrics and embroideries.colourful sequins form multiple stripes that also appear on kimono-like long coats. tight, siren dresses reference magical distant worlds.note: dita von teese models and is greatly applauded.& jewellery made from bright stones.& crimped hair in lively colours.interview with jean-paul gaultier:the deep sea and even some japanese things like this. there are some japanese influences that are quite fascinating.it’s full of pleats. the whole collection is pleated and i even made pleated thigh boots. it is also transparent. transparency, pleats and 3d.the exposition also took place at quai branly and with japanese paniers. this made me think of underwired corsets, i told myself « here, we can also twist it like this”. because normally the structure of crinolines is well behaved let’s say, so it turns around, it spreads out and everything. i tried to reproduce this with something that was stiff and straight.yes, we worked with three dimensions, especially the on embroideries. for example, here we were inspired by japan, watch how the japanese obi becomes a piece of clothing with reliefs like this that are in three dimensions with layers of bubbles. we play with transparency whilst still using fabrics. all of this uses a really light fabric.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).