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Haute Couture: visit of the atelier and revelation of the Christian Dior collection AW 2020/21

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Rendez-vous in dior's paris ateliers a few days before the online reveal of maria grazia chiuri's autumn/winter 2020/21 haute couture collection. an achievement of the little hands that have taken up the challenge of miniature tailoring. an exceptional collection of 37 models, sculpted, sewn, embroidered, celebrating the journey and work of five inspiring and emblematic women of the surrealist movement. titled “the dior myth”, the collection will be revealed through a poetic and magical film directed by italian filmmaker matteo garrone. itv delphine, première main:it’s special because we work with even more attention to detail since everything is much smaller. all the finishes are exactly the same as what we do in haute couture, but the fact it’s very small means it’s even more meticulous and precise. these are little rat tails that have been hand-turned and everything has been worked on the loom and hand-stitched. i don’t know if you see the dots below, but after all the little pleats like we’ve done at the waist, it’s the same system that i did here. but everything is reproduced on a much smaller scale, so small millimetre folds which makes it more complicated and difficult. you would think that on a small model like this it takes much less time, but in fact not necessarily because even with a very small circle like that… here we are still more comfortable with our hands. it would take a child’s hand to do this kind of thing and make it easy. these little miniatures will be remembered as it’s a first for us. it’s the collection of the extreme. itv béatrix, première main:we’re working on a wedding dress that will be in guipure, which you see there, and so there’s a lot of inlay work. we don’t do stiches, we don’t assemble the thread with stitches, but we weave the patterns together so that we don’t see the border of the two threads. it’s divided into three parts, so there’s a lot of detail. already, it’s meticulous work in haute couture, often, there are many things that are done by hand. i don’t know if you can see on the sleeves, for example, but there are small buttons we have made that are miniscule, everything is very small.